Welcome to The Body Garden Book

I have been on a health journey the last eight years.  I have been learning about the benefits of nutrition, whole foods, raw foods, blood type information, and nutrition labels.

That was one of the motivating factors for me to write this book. After fostering young children for seven years, I was challenged to get them to eat the healthy food that I had prepared.   My frustrations led to the creation of interesting stories of what the food could do for them based on my research.  Soon the foods were getting names and personalities that the children could relate too.  This book introduces 10  Super Foods to your children as Super Food heroes.  They are meeting them with the little girl in the story.  The Super Food heroes are explaining to her how she can be a super kid with the magic powers they possess as super foods. Your Kids will love for you to read this to them.  In the back of the book we have a section for the parents that features recipes and expanded nutritional information about the super foods.

2 Super Heroes in the Body Garden:

Brandon Broccoli              Sarah Sweet Potato

Featured Author: Vanessa Bowman