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Michelle Obama- See Letter after receipt of her book:

A Garden Groupie is a person that knows that "You Rock when you  support efforts and benefits of eating whole, natural foods to promote a healthier lifestyle. 

Tell us your name, (business and location optional) and we will post your name as a garden groupie.

Vanessa Bowman- children's Author- Decatur Georgia'

Rena Davis- SmartWomenAtlanta- Lithonia, Georgia

Trina Newby- Women About Biz- Decatur, Georgia

Angela Brown Mitchell- Retired  Atlanta, Georgia

Marcia H. Wingfield- Educator- Atlanta, Georgia 

Marilyn F. Leach-Williams- Leach Litery Services Atl. Ga.

Mutima Jackson- Ruby A Neesom Diabetes Foundation

Linda Vines- Nutritional Advocate- Metro Atlanta, Ga

Dr. Joy Scott- Nutritionist/Advisor- Metro Atlanta, Ga